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ERROR: compile failed while processing /home/ec2-user/test/cb/ChicagoBoss: {'EXIT',


Try this



blows up wiht sample code from README-ELIXIR

20:53:20.485 [error] gen_server boss_session_mock_sup terminated with reason: {'module could not be loaded',[{elixir_compiler,file,[<<"/home/ec2-user/test/cb/unf/src/controller/baby_controller.ex">>],[]},{boss_elixir_compiler,compile,2,[{file,"src/boss/boss_elixir_compiler.erl"},{line,12}]},{boss_load,compile_and_accumulate_errors,5,[{file,"src/boss/boss_load.erl"},{line,146}]},{boss_load,load_dir,4,[{file,"src/boss/boss_load.erl"},{line,121}]},{boss_load,load_dirs1,6,[{file,"src/boss/boss_load.erl"},{line,106}]},{boss_load,load_all_modules,3,[{file,"src/boss/boss_lo..."},...]},...]}
20:53:20.493 [error] CRASH REPORT Process <0.858.0> with 0 neighbours exited with reason: call to undefined function elixir_compiler:file(<<"/home/ec2-user/test/cb/unf/src/controller/baby_controller.ex">>) in gen_server:terminate/6 line 747


also this

Compiled src/boss/boss_websocket_router.erl

=INFO REPORT==== 17-Jul-2013::21:02:11 ===
application: elixir
exited: {bad_return,
type: temporary
*** Missing Elixir compiler ***
You must do one of the following:
a) Install Elixir globally in your erl libs
b) Add Elixir as a dep for your project, eg:
{deps, [{elixir, "0.9.3",
{git, "git://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir",
{tag, "v0.9.3"}}}]}.
{lib_dirs, ["deps/elixir/lib"]}.

ERROR: compile failed while processing /home/ec2-user/test/cb/ChicagoBoss: rebar_abort


I still get this error, am I really required to install elixir globally in erl? It appears the deps requirement is met by the rebar.config and the only reference on google to "Install Elixir globally in your erl libs" is in reference to rebar.

@zkessin zkessin was assigned Jan 7, 2014

You need to uncomment the line in rebar.config, is there someone out there who uses Elixir who can figure this out?

@zkessin zkessin was unassigned by danikp Oct 19, 2015
@danikp danikp modified the milestone: version 1.0, version 0.9 Oct 19, 2015
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