development mode: boss_app_info does not reflect any of the newly added/loaded controllers #323

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While in development mode, once you add a new controller, it is not added to the boss_app_info record. Everything works fine, but if somebody wants to list all the controllers provided by a specified application using the boss_web:application_info/1 (for example for dynamic menu generation), the new controller won't be on the list until the full CB restart.

The problem was originally reported here:


related to #322

@zkessin zkessin was assigned Jan 6, 2014

if you send the boss_web process a timeout msg it will reset things correctly

@zkessin zkessin closed this in f16a188 Jan 12, 2014

This is causing an infinate loop, I am removing this for now, if you want to reload the data in dev mode for now you can do it manually by running the command "boss_web ! timeout." from the repl

@zkessin zkessin reopened this Jan 12, 2014

my pr fix that, not deeply tested but so far so good

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