Regex match reference not working in controller tuples in custom routes #336

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In the priv/[app].routes file, when creating a custom route and using a regex to match parts of the url, putting the '$1' match reference atom in the controller tuple (ie. {controller, '$1'}) does not route to the desired controller.

I noticed that this tuple, in addition to routing correctly if an explicit string is used ({controller, "desired_controller"}), will also route correctly if an atom is used ({controller, desired_controller}). There seems to be a atom_to_list conversion happening somewhere in the bowels of the framework that may be converting the '$1' match reference to "$1" during routing.


evanmiller commented Nov 11, 2013

Close, but not quite. What's happening is that the action, application, and controller parameters are treated separately from all other parameters, and do not participate in the variable substitution. See around

I'm open to changing this behavior but it does seem to be inviting trouble.

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