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Changed the return type of json to "text/javascript" #94

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Matt Husby Emilio Nyaray Evan Miller
Matt Husby

In (older?) IE if the content type is set to application/json IE doesn't know what to do with it so it tries to download the file instead of just pass it back to the js function. Changing it to a content type that ie understands fixes the problem.

Emilio Nyaray

Please, don't do this.

While I see the value of supporting some of IEs quirks I can't really view this as defendable behaviour within a reasonable extent. Breaking this standard compliance ("The MIME media type for JSON text is application/json." ((emphasis added)),, page 6) is a sure-fire way of setting CB on the path to obscurity since it just opens a can of worms with bad hacks and "compliance fixes".

My suggestion is that you add a user agent sniff somewhere in your code path that checks if the user is running a dinosaur version of IE instead of breaking CB.


EDIT: minor spelling/grammar

Evan Miller

Matt -- can you use an after filter to fix the MIME type? e.g.

after_(_, {Status, Headers, Payload}) ->
case my_lib:is_user_agent_internet_explorer(Req) of
true ->
{Status, my_lib:replace_application_json_with_text_javascript(Headers), Payload};
fals ->
{Status, Headers, Payload}

Matt Husby

Emilio: Ah yeah good call, perhaps we can look at the "Accept" header to find out if the client can accept "application/json" and then fall back to something else if it cant (text/plain)?

Evan: Thanks I will take a look at that in the short term. Any thoughts on above?

Evan Miller

Matt: I would be OK with a solution that sets the MIME type based on the requester's capabilities, so long as the MIME type can still be manually overridden.

Emilio: In my experience, mature software is filled with "ugly hacks" that allow interoperability with the widest ecosystem. I prefer to have things "just work" even if it means occasionally adding a few lines of code I wish weren't necessary.

Emilio Nyaray

Matt: yeah, something like that would be more appropriate (in my opinion, in this particular case). I also realise I might have phrased my response to harshly/directly at the core issue, sorry if my knee-jerk came on too strong.

Evan: I understand where you're coming from with that. Since we're not dealing with a web server but a framework I guess it makes sense to make things "just work" as you're saying.

I haven't dug that far into the inner workings of CB, but I'm sure that you know where a fix for this issue "should" (:P) be introduced.

Evan Miller

Emilio: Well, if you think web servers are browser-agnostic, try grepping the Nginx source code for the phrase "MSIE". I get 88 hits :-)

It looks like Matt knows his way around this part of the code so I will await an update pull request from him.

Matt Husby

Emilio: No worries :-)

Evan: I will try to take a look early this week. As far as knowing the code, its just enough to be dangerous ;-) but I will certainly give it a shot.

Emilio Nyaray

Evan: you just broke me, but I think I'll get over it, though ;P.

Matt: coolios, good luck with the patch :).

Matt Husby

Hey guys, sorry I haven't had a chance to look this over yet (ended up traveling last week, and starting a new job next week) so I am hoping to get around to this next weekend.

Evan Miller

Any updates, @matthusby?

Matt Husby

Hey @evanmiller, sorry - I really have not been keeping up with CB like I should be :(

I don't have any patches for this (and no plans currently) - I just hard coded the content-type change into my fork for the application I had problems with.

Evan Miller

Since this can be fixed with the after_ filter I am closing the issue. If someone cares enough to send me a patch I will consider it.

Evan Miller evanmiller closed this
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Commits on Mar 25, 2012
  1. Matt Husby

    Changed the return type of json to "text/javascript" so that IE doesn…

    matthusby authored
    …'t try to download the return
Commits on Jul 16, 2012
  1. Evan Miller

    Merge pull request #121 from mihawk/master

    evanmiller authored
    add cowboy support using mochicow
  2. Evan Miller

    Document cowboy support

    evanmiller authored
Commits on Jul 18, 2012
  1. Matt Husby

    Changed the return type of json to "text/javascript" so that IE doesn…

    matthusby authored
    …'t try to download the return
  2. Matt Husby

    Merge branch 'application_json_fix' of…

    matthusby authored
    …ss into application_json_fix
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  2. +1 −1  src/boss/boss_web_controller.erl
3  doc-src/api-config.html
@@ -37,8 +37,9 @@
<li><code>port</code> - The port to run the HTTP server on, or a tuple of the format {env, "PORTVAR"} (where PORTVAR is the name of an environment variable containing the port number). Defaults to 8001.</li>
<li><code>server</code> - The HTTP server to use. Valid values are:
- <li><code>mochiweb</code> - The <a href="">Mochiweb</a> Web Server</li>
+ <li><code>cowboy</code> - The <a href="">Cowboy</a> Web Server</li>
<li><code>misultin</code> - The <a href="">Misultin</a> Web Server</li>
+ <li><code>mochiweb</code> - The <a href="">Mochiweb</a> Web Server</li>
<li><code>base_url</code>Sets the base_url passed to the views (for deployments on suburl's)</li>
<li><code>session_adapter</code> Selects the session driver to use. Valid values:</li>
2  src/boss/boss_web_controller.erl
@@ -730,7 +730,7 @@ process_action_result(Info, {json, Data}, ExtraHeaders, AppInfo, AuthInfo) ->
process_action_result(Info, {json, Data, []}, ExtraHeaders, AppInfo, AuthInfo);
process_action_result(Info, {json, Data, Headers}, ExtraHeaders, AppInfo, AuthInfo) ->
process_action_result(Info, {output, boss_json:encode(Data, AppInfo#boss_app_info.model_modules),
- merge_headers(Headers, [{"Content-Type", "application/json"}])}, ExtraHeaders, AppInfo, AuthInfo);
+ merge_headers(Headers, [{"Content-Type", "text/javascript"}])}, ExtraHeaders, AppInfo, AuthInfo);
process_action_result(Info, {jsonp, Callback, Data}, ExtraHeaders, AppInfo, AuthInfo) ->
process_action_result(Info, {jsonp, Callback, Data, []}, ExtraHeaders, AppInfo, AuthInfo);
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