Chicagoboss on Raspberry Pi

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Hi ChicagoBoss Group,

As I promised in the ARM thread here is a quick report on Erlang, ChicagoBoss and the like on the Raspberry Pi.

First things first. I installed Raspbian (a debian flavor) on the Raspberry Pi. Erlang was next, so I went to and installed Erlang for the berry.

After running through the suggested setup, Erlang R15B01 was ready for action. Note that the Raspberry has a SoC (System on a Chip) "CPU" and as such it's single core with 256MB RAM.

I looked for MongoDB for the berry, but couldn't find it, so I swiftly moved on. Git and Emacs followed, w/o a hitch. I cloned my project and modified boss.config so it would use a remote database server of mine.

I started my project just as I would on a regular machine and low and behold it started up. Started up my laptop and connected remotely to my Raspberry Pi running the ChicagoBoss application in all its beauty.


Now that I was it was working I started a web browser on the Raspberry Pi itself and connected it to the locally running server. It worked, too. A bit slower as the X session and the window manager eat up some more precious memory but it worked too.

If you intend to run a "Lunch Menu App" or something else that's a bit on the lower end of demands on the hardware, the Raspberry Pi is THE platform for doing so.

Configuration of the app:

  • Erlang R15B01
  • Cowboy
  • MongoDB
  • boss_mq
  • boss_db

Raspberry Pi:

  • 256MB RAM (on SoC, not expandable)
  • ARM 700MHz SoC (CPU)
  • 8 GByte SD card (waaaay oversized, 4GB is still too large)
  • 100MBit wired Ethernet
  • USB Keyboard and USB Mouse

That's it for now. Ask the Google Groups list if you have any questions.

Raspberry Pi running ChicagoBoss