Windows instructions

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  1. Install Erlang and git.
  2. Use git to get ChicagoBoss code.
  3. Use rebar to build ChicagoBoss and its dependencies.

A few definitions:

  • git is source control tool, which happens to be used at GitHub
  • rebar is a build tool used by ChicagoBoss and many other Erlang projects.

Detailed Instructions

Install Erlang & git

Clone and build ChicagoBoss

git clone git://
cd chicagoboss

Note: windows-make.bat and windows-make.bat all are the same thing

Start your first project

To create a new helloworld project, type:

windows-make.bat app PROJECT=helloworld

cd ..\helloworld

Windows-specific notes

start-server.bat replaces ./ on Windows, a Windows Erlang window will open where you can type all ChicagoBoss commands. Also make sure in your boss.config file located in your project directory (helloworld), has the correct path. Example:

[{boss, [
    {path, "../ChicagoBoss-0.8.7"}, %%Note the /ChicagoBoss-0.8.7 not /ChicagoBoss-0.8
    {applications, [helloworld]},
    {assume_locale, "en"},

In the command prompt, rebar compile works due to the rebar.cmd in the helloworld and ChicagoBoss directory.

Latest Rebar

It is recommended to use the latest rebar and rebar.cmd with ChicagoBoss:

git clone git://
cd rebar
copy rebar ..\chicagoboss
copy rebar.cmd ..\chicagoboss