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This is the admin interface for Chicago Boss, which can be configured as a standalone application with CB 0.6 or later.

Installation as a standalone server

Check your boss.config and make sure that the path's are correct, defaults to ./deps/boss (framework) and ../cb_admin (the checkout dir).

Then in *nix:

./rebar get-deps compile
./ start

In Windows:

rebar get-deps compile

Then visit http://localhost:8001/admin

Installation with an existing CB server

Add to rebar.config

{deps, [
  % ...
  {cb_admin, ".*", {git, "git://", "HEAD"}}

And add something like this to your boss.config:

[{boss, [
    {applications, [cb_admin, ...]},
{cb_admin, [
    {path, "./deps/cb_admin"},
    {allow_ip_blocks, [""]},
    {base_url, "/admin"}

Run to fetch and compile cb_admin

./rebar get-deps compile