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Chicago Perl Mongers

Chicago Area Perl Mongers

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  1. Public website

    HTML 3 1

  2. Command-Line-Apps Command-Line-Apps Public

    Slides for presenting Perl Command-Line Apps

    Perl 1

  3. perldelta perldelta Public

    New Perl features from 5.10-5.20

    Perl 6 1 2

  4. Parsing-Regex-Grammars Parsing-Regex-Grammars Public

    A presentation about parsing using regular expressions and grammars (Parse::RecDescent and Marpa::R2)

    Perl 1

  5. Object-Oriented Object-Oriented Public

    Object-Oriented Perl from core to Moo and Moose

    Perl 1

  6. Testing Testing Public

    Testing Perl applications and practices



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