STL files for Simula5
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Battery Lid 1.1.stl
BatteryCase 3.stl
Buttons 6.1.stl
DriveWheel 1.stl
Head 13.1.stl
HubCap 1.stl
IdlerBearing 1.stl
IdlerWheel 1.stl
Lower 8.1.stl
Motor Plate 1.stl
PingStay 2.1.stl
Speaker Plate 5.stl
Upper 4.1.stl


STL files for Simula5

##Materials notes:

  1. Simula5 should be printed with 3 types of filament.
  2. Clear/Translucent - "Upper" is a part intended to let the light of LEDs to shine through. I've used transparent PLA, ABS, and T-glase works great, although the clear ABS seems prone to breakage.
  3. "Tread" should be printed in standard Ninjaflex. I haven't experimented with other flexible filament options, but if you do, please report back!
  4. All the rest of the parts can be printed in ABS or PLA. PLA generally looks better in my opinion, but support material removal is way easier with ABS.
  5. I use Simplify3D for slicing. I plan to provide factory files, support material files, and everything else for the 4 types of filament listed above. Parts have been designed for 100% infill!