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# This defines a fixed-point combinator, showing that Haskenthetical doesn't
# need `letrec` to do recursion. (`def` can be used recursively, but that's not
# necessary for this example.)
# I can't claim to understand it. It's based on the example at
#, which I also can't claim to
# understand, even though I wrote it myself.
(def (: id (-> $a $a)) (λ x x))
(type (Mu $a $b) (Roll (-> (Mu $a $b) (-> $a $b))))
(def (: unroll (» -> (Mu $a $b) (Mu $a $b) $a $b))
(elim-Mu id))
(def (: fix (-> (» -> (-> $a $b) $a $b)
(-> $a $b)))
(λ f (let ((g (λ r (f (λ v (unroll r r v))))))
(g (Roll g)))))
(def (: fac (-> Float Float))
(fix (λ (f n)
(if~ n 0
(* n (f (- n 1)))))))
(fac 5)