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This project can be used to keep track of a simplistic Minesweeper-like game that has a square field where mines can be placed. Initially, the mines are hidden and the user makes guesses to try to find all the empty spaces without choosing any of the hidden mines.


FieldType is an enumerated type to represent the four possible states of the minefield:

MINE_HIDDEN a mine that has not been shown to the user

MINE_SHOWN a mine that has been shown to the user

EMPTY_HIDDEN an empty space that has not yet been guessed by the user

EMPTY_SHOWN an empty space that has been guessed by the user

Member Functions

Field() Constructor creates a 10x10 grid with no mines

Field(int dim) Constructor creates a dimXdim grid with no mines or an invalid parameter defaults to 10x10

void placeMine(int col, int row) Places a mine at the (col,row) coordinate in the field

FieldType get(int col, int row) Retrieves the state of the field at location (col,row)

bool isSafe(int col, int row) Returns whether or not _map at (col,row) has a mine and throws an exception if the location is illegal

void revealAdjacent(int col, int row) Changes the location from EMPTY_HIDDEN to EMPTY_SHOWN for the location and any valid locations adjacent (immediately above, below, left, or right as printed) to the provided (col,row) location

Quick Guide

A Makefile is provided that includes:

  • make clean removes all compilation and build files besides the source code

  • make builds the Field class and its test class

  • make test runs the FieldTest with a test runner