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User Manual

Starting the game

The game will open up, and a menu will show up. The menu will give options to play the game or to quit. If quit is selected, the game will end. If play is selected the game will begin.


To control the runner on the screen you need to use the up and down arrow keys.


The objective of the game is to avoid the blocks and the bullets from the turrets for as long as possible with out using up the runners three lives (shields) and getting the highest score you can achieve. The number of shields remaining along with the score and how fast the runner is going is displayed in the upper left hand corner of the screen. When the runner has no more shields a menu shows up asking if you want to play again or quit.

Bonus Cubes:

Along with blocks on the screen, there are also going to be cubes. The cubes are smaller than the blocks and they come in different colors, the colors showing the different bonuses achieved when hit. Green = 500 points added to score Blue = 1,000 points added to score Purple = 2,000 points added to score Light Blue = 1 Extra Shield Red = Gun Attribute for Runner White = Invincibility


After the runner collides with an invincibility (white) cube, a status bar will show up in the middle of the screen indicating how much longer the runner will be invincible. When the bar runs out it will disappear and the runner will no longer be invincible. While the runner is invincible it can move through blocks and the bullets from the turrets will go through it. The runner will still be able to collide with the cubes and obtain their bonuses. Gun: When the runner hits a red cube the gun attribute will be activated. The runner will be given ten shots. To shoot the gun, the user has to press the space bar. The bullets from the runner can destroy: turret, blocks and even cubes. When the user uses up the ten shots the gun will deactivate. But if the user hits another gun (red) cube while he still has the gun activated, the amount of shots the runner has will be reset back to ten. Pause: If the user ever wants to pause the game all he/she has to do is press the p key. This will pause the game. When the user wants to resume the game, he/she just has to press the p key again and the game will resume from where it was paused. Exiting: If the user ever wants to exit in the middle of the game, all he/she has to do is press the escape key and the game will end.

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