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PyRunner is a game developed with the Python programming language and the PyGame framework.

Leader Name + GitHub ID

Kyle Graves (kgraves)


  • Python (2.7.1+)
  • PyGame (1.9.1)

Installation Steps

  1. Check your version of python:
    • 'python --version'
    • OR you can check it in Synaptic (if you have it) by searching 'python', it should be the first result.
  2. If your python version is lower than 2.7.1 then you will want to update it:
    • 'sudo apt-get install python2.7'
  3. If you don't already have PyGame installed, you'll need to install that also. There are two methods of installing PyGame:
    • Use Synaptic Package Manager (Recomended). Just search 'pygame' and install the only pygame result.
    • You can also go to www.pygame.org/download.shtml and download the correct version for your OS, and follow the instructions there for installation.
  4. Navigate to the directory where you want the repo to be located.
  5. Download the PyRunner Repo: 'git clone git@github.com:ChicoTeam/PyRunner.git'
  6. Run PyRunner to make sure the installs were successful:
    • cd PyRunner
    • python pyRunner.py
    • If you get a menu screen, then it works!
    • If you get an error, contact one the group members for some help!
  7. Now find some bugs or things you want to add/improve in the game, and log them.

Getting Started

  • The README file is a pretty good introduction to this game, and explains controls, objectives, power-ups, etc.

Language/Framework References and Guides