A "learn to program" RPG
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This is a project that Russ, Kyle, and Oriah are working on for the upcoming mobile app hackathon. 

The idea is to have an RPG game that teaches you how to program. 

It is not currently working that well. 


TODOs (by priority)
- make click/touch work for player movement
- move console textarea to top of screen so mobile keyboard doesn't scroll page
- make buttons for hard-to-find keys on mobile (quotes, equals)
- make screen resize or offer aspect ratio buttons
- create/find new character sprites
- find new tilesheet for map (opengameart.org)
	- create new map in Tiled
- make game code match the storyline
- integrate social media?
- game sounds / music
- name the game something clever, but not annoying
- title screen
- presentation slideshow?

Below are ideas for levels and lessons within those levels.

1. Home
	0. Basic game controls (movement, object inspection, dialog)
	1. Hello World
	2. Math expressions (1+1, etc.)
	3. Variable assignment (ints, strings)
2. Outside
	0. More on game interaction (items, level inspection, etc.)
	1. Conditional statements (== != && ||)
	2. Control expressions (if/else)
	3. More on variables (arrays, structs)
3. Traveling somewhere
	0. How to kill an infinite loop
	1. Looping
	2. Functions
4. At a castle/dungeon/boss
	1. Events