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A shell script to configure a USB drive as root filesystem.
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A shell script for configuring an external USB drive as root filesystem on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. It's a companion to Using an External Drive as a Raspberry Pi Root Filesystem, which you should read first.

Using adafruit-pi-externalroot-helper

First, read the tutorial.

On a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian, with a USB-connected storage device you wish to use for your root filesystem:

git clone
cd Adafruit-Pi-ExternalRoot-Helper
sudo ./adafruit-pi-externalroot-helper -d /dev/sda

...where /dev/sda is the external USB you wish to use for a root filesystem.

Sources and Further Reading

This script is mostly an implementation of the process outlined in paulv's HOWTO: Move the filesystem to a USB stick on the Raspberry Pi forums, with additional help from the following sources:

Along with manual / info pages for:

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