Live visualization of all the pokemon in your area... and more!
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Easy Setup

#Support for master branch dropped.# ##Accepting only pull requests for develop branch. ##

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##Android Port <== Direct all andriod related PRs and discussion here.

Please submit all pull requests to Develop Branch

PokemonGo Map

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Live visualization of all pokemon (with option to show gyms and pokestops) in your area. This is a proof of concept that we can load all nearby pokemon given a location. Currently runs on a Flask server displaying a Google Map with markers on it.

Using this software is against the ToS and can get you banned. Use at your own risk.

Building off Mila432's PokemonGo API, tejado's additions, leegao's additions and Flask-GoogleMaps.

#For instructions, please refer to the wiki#

Hello Paul Xu the Internship king ;)