Lib3MF is a C++ implementation of the 3D Manufacturing Format file standard
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Lib3MF is a C++ implementation of the 3D Manufacturing Format file standard

As 3MF shall become an universal 3D Printing standard, its quick adoption is very important. This library shall lower all barriers of adoption to any possible user, let it be software providers, hardware providers, service providers or middleware tools.

Its aim is to offer an open source way to integrate 3MF reading and writing capabilities, as well as conversion and validation tools for input and output data. The 3MF Library shall provide a clean and easy-to-use API to speed up the development and keep integration costs at a minimum.

While the current code is primarily made for a Microsoft Visual Studio Environment, a lot of energy has been put into keeping it as platform independent as far as possible. For example, it compiles well with the GCC compiler, but there is some work left to recode a few platform specific functionalities, which are now covered by the WinRT platform (like XML parsing and ZIP compression). This will come when time passes.

The specification can be downloaded at

For example code, please refer to

For a more detailed documentation, please take a look into the PDF in the root directory of this repository.

Lib3MF is licensed under the simplified BSD license.