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Import-Module activedirectory #Not default, must install
Import-Module grouppolicy #Not default, must install
Function Get-GPPUsers {
Uses GPOs to determine who is a privileged user for a specific GPO. Without any GUID assigned it will query the Default
Domain Controllers Policy.
Author: Brandon Helms (@Cr0n1c)
Version: 1.0
Get-GPPUsers -Guid 6ac1786c-016f-11d2-945f-00c04fb984f9
Get-GPPUsers -Name "Default Domain Controllers Policy"
[string]$Guid = "6ac1786c-016f-11d2-945f-00c04fb984f9",
$privyUsers = @{} #key: users SamAccountName, value: array of privileges from $xmlCapPrivUser
#Getting Policy Information
if ($Name){
[xml]$report = Get-GPOReport -Name $Name -ReportType Xml -ErrorAction Stop
[xml]$report = Get-GPOReport -Guid $Guid -ReportType Xml -ErrorAction Stop
Write-Error -Message "Best guess is that you tried to use a GPO that did not exist"
$linksApplied = $report.GPO.LinksTo.SomPath #This will show all the OUs where the GPO has been applied"
$xmlCapPrivUser = @("SeAssignPrimaryTokenPrivilege","SeCreateTokenPrivilege","SeCreateGlobalPrivilege","SeDebugPrivilege",
ForEach ($policy in $report.GPO.Computer.ExtensionData.Extension.UserRightsAssignment){
If ($policy.Name -notin $xmlCapPrivUser){ #Ignoring keys we don't care about
ForEach ($uSid in $policy.Member.SID){ #Iterating through each SID
If ($uSid.'#text'.length -gt 0){ #Making sure the SID is valid
Convert-Sid $uSid.'#text' $policy.Name #This function handles recursion
return $privyUsers
Function Convert-Sid($sid, $privLvl){
$class = (Get-ADObject -Filter "objectSid -eq '$sid'").ObjectClass #pos: user, group, computer
If ($class -eq "user"){
$user = Get-ADUser -Filter {SID -eq $sid}
$u = $user.SamAccountName
$enabled = $user.Enabled
If ($privyUsers.ContainsKey($u) -and -not $privyUsers.$u.Contains($privLvl)){
$privyUsers.$u += $privLvl
}ElseIf (-not $privyUsers.ContainsKey($u) -and $enabled){
$privyUsers.Add($u, @($privLvl))
}ElseIf ($class -eq "group"){
#If SID is a group,we'll pull out all the SIDs from the group and push them back through here
$groupName = (Get-AdGroup -Filter {SID -eq $sid}).SamAccountName
ForEach ($s in (Get-ADGroupMember -Identity $groupName).SID){
Convert-Sid $s $privLvl