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Welcome to the Mindlogger app admin panel wiki!

The web app consists of a modular set of activities that can be tailored in their selection, content, and instructions for a given set of users. Timed notifications remind a user to perform each activity. All data are stored in a backend database and can be viewed by permitted individuals via the online dashboard. Editors can customize settings for a given user via an online panel.

See :books: README for prerequisites, instructions, and links.


  • Activities list shows currently configured Activities.
  • An Editor can configure (add, edit, or disable) any Activity.
  • Users are assigned by Managers to Activity Sets.
  • Access control
    • determined per User per Activity Set
    • Manager Editor Viewer User
      Add/remove users/viewers
      Modify app content
      Select activities
      Access dashboard
  • conditional logic:
    • IF skip or choose specific option THEN skip to another question
  • For each Activity:
    • Set full name, short name (max chars), and description
    • Set optional notification schedule per Activity Set (across all Users of that Activity Set)
    • Frequency (number of times per) interval (day, week, or month)
      • Notify at specific time(s) of the day, days of the week, or dates of the month
      • Notify only on a specific date (e.g., June 20th)
      • Notify when the Activity happens

Repeat reminders with set intervals after Activity should have been completed but wasn't PLUS maximum number of reminders (e.g., every day for 5 days)? All Activity notifications all at once at the beginning of the day (e.g., 8am)? Local push notification except when in the app (unless >1 tenant)

Planned features

  • Users are assigned to groups based on their roles, and these groups are used for access control.
  • Users will have the ability to consent or deny requests from other users to see if their account(s) exist.
  • Web version of mobile app
    • Sniff platform dims; configure minimum screen resolution for drawing activities
    • Log which platform and set access to individual activities for certain platforms (res/size)
  • The admin sees a list of all patients with a plot of which activities they engaged in when
  • Event drops:
  • Scoring
    • Add a score-key-editor view to the web dashboard that incorporates functionality of the draft score key creator (JS code here).
      • Here is a sample JSON file for the draft creator demo.
      • Here is a made-up example of a score key I created with the demo for the above questionnaire.
  • Conditional logic: arbitrary conditional screen flow
    • IF
      • Score value conditions
      • Cumulative responses
    • THEN
      • End Activity
      • Start a different Activity
  • for text/image selection activities, option to select from a set of stimuli; randomly shuffle order or choose from a set of sequences
  • Migrate apps
  • Whitelabeling
  • Encryption
    • double
    • in transit
  • Notifications
    • (cron job syntax for periodic notifications) [Default: OFF]
    • Notify prior to Activity (e.g. 10 minutes prior)
    • Notify conditionally
      • x time after last response
      • if x other Activity completed
  • Set if user can resume where left off, only skipped portions, can start over, or cannot resume
  • Set whether user can go back to previous screen or skip to next screen
  • Set number of times permitted to REDO (erase previous media entries but save timestamps)
  • Set whether user can delete their data (GDPR)?
  • Survey question group instructions:
  • Optionally set instructions for a group of questions. Sometimes you have groups of questions with a long text instruction for the entire group. Each question should have a question group ID, and just before you reach the first question in that group, the text instruction should appear as a full screen modal. Then for each question within the group, there should be a link just above that question ("Instructions") that opens up a modal with the same text.
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