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Welcome to the Mindlogger app backend wiki!

See :books: README.


Planned features

  • Respondent/Informant specification
  • Users are assigned to groups based on their roles, and these groups are used for access control.
  • Users will have the ability to consent or deny requests from other users to see if their account(s) exist.
  • Scoring
    • Include score keys and scores in our JSON structure.
    • Here is a sample JSON file for the draft creator demo.
    • Here is a made-up example of a score key I created with the demo for the above questionnaire.
  • Make it easy for someone to set up the backend on their own server
  • Triggers from server/devices to activities
  • Test suite for interaction testing
  • Whitelabeling

Access Control


In the following diagram, each column is an access-controlled lane, so specific permissions are required to access data in each lane.

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