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Welcome to the Mindlogger app wiki!

See :books: README for prerequisites, installation, and deployment.


  • Activities list shows currently configured Activities.
  • Surveys: Sequential or accordion-style survey in basic or table format (vertical)
    • Basic survey:
      • text entry
      • single selection text
      • multiple selection text
      • single selection image
      • multiple selection images
      • slider bars
    • Table survey:
      • text entry for each cell
      • single selection text for each row
      • multiple selection text for each row
      • single selection image for each row
      • multiple selection images for each row
      • integer increment/decrement for each cell
  • Optional presentation mechanics for each activity
    • Options for ANY individual screen:
      • audio play
        • starts when enter screen
        • starts when timer begins, if timer set
        • audio play button
      • progress bar
      • comment text box
      • Presentation-only screen: audio and/or full-screen color/graphic/text/list (with timer or > button)
  • Log device model

Planned features

  • Surveys
    • Horizontal layouts
    • Basic survey:
      • audio recording: record voice sample, with an option to play back the sample
      • drawing: draw a picture on the touchscreen, optionally atop an image, and save the [x, y, t] data
      • take photo: take a photo, with an option to switch cameras, reshoot, or choose from photo gallery
      • draw on photo (taken or from gallery)
      • save scores based on responses
      • variables (eg, target1, target2)
      • movement data capture
      • drag & drop to sort text/images
    • Table survey: radio button / checkbox table, ie
  • Games
  • Optional presentation mechanics for each activity
    • Options for ANY individual screen:
      • timer, with option to show/hide timer
      • delay setting; no response accepted until delay is done
  • Include Mindlogger version in Response data
  • Sniff platform dims
    • configure minimum screen resolution for drawing activities
    • set access to individual Activities for certain platforms (res/size)
  • Conditionally allow/block Activities, eg, no audio recording if environment is too loud.
  • Provide feedback
    • to user at the end of an activity
    • to user during an activity.
    • feedback timing/delays
  • Migrate apps
  • Bluetooth BLE support: For eventual support of Tingle by Mindlogger, create functionality whereby all nearby Bluetooth BLE beacons (or even all available Bluetooth BLE devices) are detected and recorded on the backend, both on button press and on a schedule.
  • Whitelabeling
  • Encryption
    • on-device
    • double
    • in transit
  • Profiles should support multiple tenants with multiple activity sets each (e.g., each of several users of the same device are enrolled in multiple studies):
    • Attribute a user/ID to each profile so that even if a sole user has all activities configured not to require reauthentication, when a second user's profile is added with reauthentication, then reauthentication would be required only when switching between the different users' profiles.
    • Each user has a Demo configuration (Activity)
    • User can skip login to use Guest Demo configuration
  • Passively trigger data collection, hold data and later assign to a user on multi-tenant devices.
  • Define when an internet connection is required
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