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Here is a quick set of instructions to try MindLogger on your phone.


If you want to try our the features of MindLogger yourself, you need to do the following:

  1. Download MindLogger on your phone for iOS or Android

  2. Create an account on the app

create an account on your phone screen capture

  1. Go to the admin page:
  • choose the "MindLogger" database, click Continue
  • log in with your username & password, click Continue
  • click on the "MindLogger Demo" "Quick Add" protocol (activity set) and click "Add"
  • wait for the new applet to load, then click it
  • click "Continue" twice, and ensure that you are a user on this demo applet.
  • invite anyone else that you want to try your applet

admin screen capture

  1. Go back to your phone and pull down to refresh. You should see your demo applet

refreshing phone screen capture

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