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A smart template for Express based Web Applications.
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A smart template for Express based Web Applications.

How It Works

This is a ready to run application based on the Express minimalist web framework. It gets out of the way and lets you focus on your application using an MVC structure. Controllers are modules based of Express.Route, Views are templated from EJS and Models can be supported by any Node data provider. A folder for static (none-processed) files is also available.

If you are hosting your new project on GitHub, express-app can be used as your project template. Go to the main project page and click on the Use this template button. Otherwise, you can download the latest ZIP file and let that be your starting point.

See a running example in Heroku.

Once you have the source, you can jump into the application folder and let your ideas come alive!

Install Dependencies

$ npm install

Environment Variables:

SESSION_SECRET: Salt session data with this (optional and recommended).

REDIS_URL: This is set by your Redis environment (optional), will drop to MemoryStore if not set.

Run in Debug mode

$ DEBUG=webapp:* npm start
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