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StratumPool, StratumSolo & Cenote : Ycash Solo-Mining Stratum Servers

These are a very simple stratum servers for connecting GPU miners to a Ycash full node.

  • StratumPool : Clients can specify their own transparent ycash address.
  • StratumSolo : All clients mine to the local node wallet.
  • Cenote : Solo pool with more options

All operate as 'solo-pools', miners ONLY get paid if they find a block.

Payments are made within the coinbase transaction, which means :-

  • Rewards must mature for 100 blocks before they can be spent.
  • The first transaction MUST be to a shielded address (s2y).

There's no dev fee but don't expect any support !!

If you'd like to buy beers :-

  • YCASH : ys1c8cvazsz5gfp2zhdmzxcarfh4gp6jezdcxnywfcpyuau0l0f9uj99tzvrr6sjw5rfhpsw06lc6n
  • ZCASH : zs18zekcwmw9murkl0qazjz5hz4uenaf9pyw53as6f4plx39m92elfyhljgxwc25t3s5uerzqtmf0w

Requirements :-

  • Ycash Full Node (Ubuntu/Debian Linux)
  • YECwallet Full Node
  • GPU Hardware (ie: Nvidia, AMD)
  • GPU Mining Software for Equihash 192,7 (ie: miniZ v1.6w)

It doesn't work on Windows or iThings, but I dont care as I dont have any :-)

Tested Miners :-

  • GMiner (v2.28)
  • lolMiner (v0.8.4)
  • miniZ (v1.6w)

Usage :-

stratumpool / stratumsolo

  • -port=3333 (port for miner connections, default 3333)
  • -password=notsecret (optional password miners need to connect, default not set)


  • -text "Coinbase text here" (text to insert in mined blocks)

  • -scrooge (all block rewards go to local node wallet)

  • -port 3334 (port for miner connections, default 3334)

  • -password notsecret (optional password miners need to connect, default not set)

  • default port 3334

Installation :-

  • sudo apt-get update

  • sudo apt-get upgrade

  • sudo apt-get install perl build-essential cpan

  • sudo cpan

  • install CPAN

  • reload

  • exit

  • sudo cpan install POSIX IO::Handle IO::Socket IO::Select JSON Digest::SHA

Important !!! Don't forget !!!

You MUST add a line to your node configuration file (ycash.conf) to set a fixed mining address, ie :-


  • This MUST be a transparent address (starts with 's1')
  • The address MUST belong to the node wallet (use 'ycash-cli getnewaddress')

Before you can spend any coins you have mined, you must :-

  • Wait 100 blocks for the reward to mature.
  • Send the ENTIRE balance of the saddr to a yaddr you control. (Use YECwallet FullNode)


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