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Create an examples gallery with sphinx from Jupyter Notebooks

.. only:: html and not epub

    .. list-table::
        :stub-columns: 1
        :widths: 10 90

        * - docs
          - |docs|
        * - tests
          - |travis| |requires| |coveralls|
        * - package
          - |version| |conda| |github|
        * - implementations
          - |supported-versions| |supported-implementations|

    .. |docs| image::
        :alt: Documentation Status

    .. |travis| image::
        :alt: Travis

    .. |coveralls| image::
        :alt: Coverage

    .. |requires| image::
        :alt: Requirements Status

    .. |version| image::
        :alt: PyPI Package latest release

    .. |conda| image::
        :alt: conda

    .. |github| image::
        :alt: Latest github release

    .. |supported-versions| image::
        :alt: Supported versions

    .. |supported-implementations| image::
        :alt: Supported implementations

Welcome! Similarly to Oscar Najeras sphinx-gallery module, this module intends to create an example gallery for your documentation. However, we don't use python scripts, instead we create the example gallery out of a bunch of jupyter notebooks using nbconvert.

This package can be used to

  1. Put all the examples you prepared in different notebooks in an pictured gallery
  2. use the same html (sphinx) scheme for your examples that you are using for your documentation
  3. Include the example notebooks in an offline (pdf) documentation
  4. Include not only the code, but also the link to required supplementary files
  5. Include a link to the Jupyter nbviewer


.. toctree::
    :maxdepth: 1



Simply install it via pip:

$ pip install sphinx-nbexamples

Or you install it via:

$ python install

from the source on GitHub.


The package requires

  • Sphinx>=1.3: The python library for generating automated documentation
  • jupyter: The jupyter framework for jupyter notebooks. sphinx-nbexamples explicitly depends on

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