How to teach neural networks (deep learning) to your grandma?
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Learn Nueral Networks

Talk 1: How to teach neural networks (deep learning) to your grandma?


In this talk we will discuss about

  • What is learning?
  • Are machines capable of learning?
  • Bee brain vs Computer
  • How machines learn?
  • Design a system on paper which can learn.
  • Brief intro to neural networks

How sugar levels are maintained in the body.

Riding a bicycle we dont calculate formulae to ride. We use approximate values.

Tacit knowledge.

To prepare best curry, we need to have right ingreidents boiled for right time.

Talk 2: Build neural network from scratch

Feed forward neural network

3 layers

5 input 3 hidden 2 output


Movie: Actors Story Direction Comedy Music

Good [7 8 5 9 6]

Bad [3 2 4 2 1]

weigths []

Random values

Rating []

Good [0.8 0.2]

Bad [0.1 0.9]

Forward propogation Backward propogation