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A small cli to like and receive likes four your code in a git controlled code base.


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Give your coworkers the appreciation they deserve without enduring the complex dynamics of social interaction.

When browsing the code base of coworkers or open-source projects I often find myself appreciating the work of my fellow coders. Be it because they found a smart solution for a problem or just because they kept to a certain style guide we committed on. However, communication can be a tedious task which distracts the sender as well as the receiver, so the appreciation usually does not cross the borders of my brain.

Git-like is a small CLI which aims to make everyday life of us programmers a bit more collaborative, fun and finally - rewarding.

The concept is quite simple. Whenever you find a nice piece of code, you like it by typing something like

$ git-like like FILE FROM_LINE TO_LINE

and the author contributing most to the block of code you select receives a like in shape of a notification. In between all the frustrations which come with coding, this will give him a small positive incentive to continue his good work. A digitial clap on the shoulder.

By using information from your git configuration, git-likes setup is minimal.


You are 4 steps apart from liking and receiving likes:

1) Installation

$ python3 -m pip install git-like

2) Claiming your email address

To prevent other people from using your email, you need to claim it. Therefore, we will email you an access code.

$ git-like claim YOUR-EMAIL
$ git-like claim YOUR-EMAIL --code ACCESS_CODE

3) Starting the daemon

git-like comes with a lightweight background process checking for new likes. You can start and stop it by using the cli.

$ git-like start
$ git-like stop

Git-like uses the email in your commits and in your ~/.gitconfig file to identify you. Be sure to configure your config correctly to receive likes.


  • git-like claim YOUR-EMAIL - Request an access token for your email
    • YOUR_EMAIL - The email address you have configured in your .gitconfig.
  • git-like claim YOUR-EMAIL --code CODE - Enter your access token to claim your email address
    • YOUR_EMAIL - The email address you have configured in your .gitconfig.
    • CODE - The code we sent you in an email
  • git-like like FILE LINE_TO LINE_FROM - Like a set of lines in a given file
    • FILE - The (local) file containing the code snippet you want to like. The file must be part of a git project
    • LINE_FROM - A number indicating the start of the code snippet you want to like
    • LINE_TO - A number indicating the end of the code snippet you want to like
  • git-like start - Start the git-like daemon to be able to receive likes
  • git-like stop - Stop the git-like daemon to stop receiving likes


We only collect metadata. So your code is safe. Git-like collects following information when you like a piece of code:

  • your email
  • authors email
  • line number
  • git project url


A Jetbrains Intellij plugin is WIP.


A small cli to like and receive likes four your code in a git controlled code base.







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