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NSOperation's missing pieces
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OperationPlus is a set of NSOperation subclasses and extensions on NSOperation/NSOperationQueue. Its goal is to fill in the API's missing pieces. You don't need to learn anything new to use it.

There are a bunch of alternatives to the NSOperation model, most notably Combine. But, Combine is very new, and only usable on the most recent OS releases. Apple has been shipping NSOperation for years, and it gets used a lot. Once you start building real applications against it, you might find that the API is missing some important parts. OperationPlus tries to help make things more convenient and composable.


Swift Package Manager:

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "")


github "ChimeHQ/OperationPlus"


pod 'OperationPlus'

NSOperation Subclasses

  • BaseOperation: provides core functionality for easier NSOperation subclassing
  • AsyncOperation: convenience wrapper around BaseOperation for async support
  • AsyncBlockOperation: convenience class for inline async support
  • (Async)ProducerOperation: produces an output
  • (Async)ConsumerOperation: accepts an input from a ProducerOperation
  • (Async)ConsumerProducerOperation: accepts an input from a ProducerOperation and also produces an output


This is a simple NSOperation subclass built for easier extensibility. It features:

  • Thread-safety
  • Timeout support
  • Easier cancellation handling
  • Stricter state checking
  • Built-in asynchrous support
  • Straight-foward customization
let a = BaseOperation(timeout: 5.0)

// NSOperation will happily allow you do this even
// if `a` has finished. `BaseOperation` will not.

// ...
public override func main() {
    // This will return true if your operation is cancelled, timed out,
    // or prematurely finished. ProducerOperation subclass state will be
    // handled correctly as well.
    if self.checkForCancellation() {
// ...


A BaseOperation subclass that can be used for your asynchronous operations. These are any operations that need to extend their lifetime past the main method.

import Foundation
import OperationPlus

class MyAsyncOperation: AsyncOperation {
    public override func main() { {
            if self.checkForCancellation() {

            // do stuff


There's also nothing special about this class at all -- it's there just for convenience. If you want, you can just subclass BaseOperation directly and override one method.

import Foundation
import OperationPlus

class MyAsyncOperation: BaseOperation {
    override open var isAsynchronous: Bool {
        return true


A BaseOperation subclass that yields a value. Includes a completion handler to access the value.

import Foundation
import OperationPlus

class MyValueOperation: ProducerOperation<Int> {
    public override func main() {
        // do your computation

        self.finish(with: 42)

// ...

let op = MyValueOperation()

op.resultCompletionBlock = { (value) in
    // use value here


A variant of ProducerOperation that may produce a value after the main method has completed executing.

import Foundation
import OperationPlus

class MyAsyncOperation: AsyncProducerOperation<Int> {
    public override func main() { {
            if self.checkForCancellation() {

            // do stuff

            self.finish(with: 42)

ConsumerOperation and AsyncConsumerOperation

A BaseOperation sublass that accepts the input of a ProducerOperation.

import Foundation
import OperationPlus

class MyConsumerOperation: ConsumerOperation<Int> {
    override func main() {
        guard let value = producerValue else {
            // handle failure in some way
    override func main(with value: Int) {
        // make use of value here, or automatically
        // fail if it wasn't successfully produced

let op = MyConsumerOperation(producerOp: myIntProducerOperation)


A play on NSBlockOperation, but makes it possible to support asynchronous completion without making an Operation subclass. Great for quick, inline work.

let op = AsyncBlockOperation { (completionBlock) in {
        // do some async work here, just be certain to call
        // the completionBlock when done

NSOperation/NSOperationQueue Extensions

Queue creation conveniences:

let a = OperationQueue(name: "myqueue")
let b = OperationQueue(name: "myqueue", maxConcurrentOperations: 1)
let c = OperationQueue.serialQueue()
let d = OperationQueue.serialQueue(named: "myqueue")

Enforcing runtime constraints on queue execution:


Consise dependencies:

queue.addOperation(op, dependency: opA)
queue.addOperation(op, dependencies: [opA, opB])
queue.addOperation(op, dependencies: Set([opA, opB]))

op.addDependencies([opA, opB])
op.addDependencies(Set([opA, opB]))

Queueing work when a queue's current operations are complete:

queue.currentOperationsFinished {
  print("all pending ops done")

Convenient inline functions:

queue.addAsyncOperation { (completionHandler) in {
        // do some async work


queue.addOperation(op, afterDelay: 5.0)
queue.addOperation(afterDelay: 5.0) {
  // work

XCTest Support

OperationTestingPlus is an optional micro-framework to help make your XCTest-based tests a little nicer. When using Carthage, it is built as a static framework to help ease integration with your testing targets.


A simple NSOperation that will fulfill an XCTestExpectation when complete. Super-useful when used with dependencies on your other operations.


A great way to test out your Operations' timeout behaviors.


An XCTestExpectation sublass to make testing async operations a little more XCTTest-like.

let op = NeverFinishingOperation()

let expectation = OperationExpectation(operation: op)
expectation.isInverted = true

wait(for: [expectation], timeout: 1.0)

Suggestions or Feedback

We'd love to hear from you! Get in touch via twitter, an issue, or a pull request.

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.

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