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NCNYT: NCurses-based NYTimes Reader

All the news that's fit to print()

Have you ever been working in the terminal and wanted to read the news, but didn't want to leave the terminal to do it? Well this might just be the application for you! This NCurses-based application allows you to read quality articles from the New York Times without ever leaving the warm embrace of the command line.


  • urwid
  • requests
  • beautifulsoup4
  • lxml
  • python-aalib
  • PIL


pip install ncnyt

or clone the repository and run

python install

You must register your own API keys for the New York Times, for the search, popular, and newswire APIs. Store these in JSON format in ~/.config/nyt/keys.json as follows:

	"search": "search-api-key",
	"popular": "popular-api-key",
	"newswire": "newswire-api-key"


Just run the nyt executable to start the program. Once inside, press 'q' to quit, and use the left arrow to go back to the previous screen.