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@cdmdotnet cdmdotnet released this Jun 24, 2018 · 76 commits to master since this release

  • Added ApplyChanges to AggregateRoot and Saga for more optimal handling of multiple events.
  • Added IEventWithIdentity and ICommandWithIdentity to provide better event and command traceability versus aggregate and saga identification.
  • Added better command sending abilities into Sagas.
  • Added the ability to specify (via configuration) separate table for the EventStore when using SQL.
  • Added configurable support for using the private bus.
  • Added a SampleRuntime class. This is a sample runtime to use in proof of concept projects to get something running very quickly. Doesn't save anything. All data is lost when recycled and may cause terrible memory usage.
  • Added GetToVersion To the EventStore so you can get events up to a set version
  • Added GetToDate To the EventStore so you can get events up to a specific date
  • Added GetBetweenDates To the EventStore so you can get events between specific dates
  • Opened up the BusRegistar to allow manual registration of handlers
  • Added support for the SQL EventStore to support snapshots.
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