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Chipairon gulp-seed

This is a seed to start a proyect for front end web development.

It uses the NPM to manage dependencies and Gulp as a build/automation system.

See a demo here:

Goodies included:


  • You need to have node installed.
  • You need to have gulp installed. To install it globally run npm install -g gulp

To install/update the seed run:

mkdir awesome
cd awesome
git clone .
npm install

This runs through all dependencies listed in package.json and downloads them to a node_modules folder in your project directory.

Gulp usage

  • Run gulp watch to start a static server and begin watching your files.
  • The results of the build will be put on './build' folder. You can change this on the configuration file gulp/config.js


This started as a fork from to adapt it to my personal needs.

Original code and its licensing can be found here: