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PHP 5 library to aid in development of map-based applications. Original library nased on Ruby's Geokit. Converted to PHP 5.3 namespacing by Jarvis Badgley (chiper at chipersoft dot com)

What can it do?

Just about anything Geokit can do, minus the Rails specific helpers:

  • Distance calculations between two points on the earth. Calculate the distance in miles or KM, with all the trigonometry abstracted away by GeoHelper.
  • Geocoding from multiple providers. It supports Google, Yahoo, Bing,, Geonames, and more. GeoHelper provides a uniform response structure from all of them. It also provides a fail-over mechanism, in case your input fails to geocode in one service.
  • IP-based location lookup utilizing Provide an IP address, and get city name and latitude/longitude in return.


Geocode an address:

$api = new GeoHelper\MultiCoder();
$work = $api->geocode('100 Spear st, San Francisco, CA');
echo $work->ll()  // ll=latitude,longitude

Find the address near a latitude/longitude (reverse geocoding):

$api = new GeoHelper\Google();
$home = $api->reverseGeocode(array('37.792821', '-122.393992'));
echo $home->fullAddress()
>> 36-98 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA

Find distances, headings, endpoints, and midpoints:

$distance = $home->distanceFrom($work, array('units' => 'miles'));
$heading = $home->headingTo($work); // result is in degrees, 0 is north
$endpoint = $home->endpoint(90, 2); // two miles due east
$midpoint = $home->midpointTo($work);

Test if a point is contained within bounds:

$bounds = new GeoHelper\Support\Bounds($sw_point, $ne_point);

Find distance to a second location with on-the-fly geocoding:

$api = new GeoHelper\MultiCoder();
$location = $api->geocode('100 Spear St, San Francisco, CA');
$distance = $location->distanceFrom('555 Battery St, San Francisco, CA');


To set the API keys for providers that require them:

GeoHelper\GeocoderUS::$key = "username:password";
GeoHelper\Yahoo::$key = "your_key";  // Yahoo v1
GeoHelper\PlaceFinder::$key = "your_key";  // Yahoo v2
GeoHelper\Bing::$key = "your_key";

To set the order of providers when using the MultiCoder:

// valid keys are: GeocoderUs, Yahoo, PlaceFinder, Bing, Google 
GeoHelper\MultiCoder::$provider_order = array('Google', 'PlaceFinder');

// valid keys are: GeoPlugin, HostIp
GeoHelper\MultiCoder::$ip_provider_order = array('GeoPlugin', 'HostIp');

Running the tests

You'll need PHPUnit 3.4+ installed to run the test suite.

  • Open test/phpunit.xml.dist and modify as needed.
  • Rename to phpunit.xml
  • Run phpunit from within /test directory.

Copyright (c) 2010 Matthew Vince, released under the MIT license