Collection of PHP 5.3 code libraries that collectively form a micro-framework.
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#Primal Collection

Created and Copyright 2012 by Jarvis Badgley, chiper at chipersoft dot com.

Primal is a collection of independent libraries that collectively form a LAMP development framework. Most Primal modules can be used independently, or they can be used collectively as a full stack framework.

Primal consists of the following libraries:

  • Primal.Autoloader - A single class designed to make setting up autoloading in a PHP app as painless as possible.
  • Primal.Routing - A clean URL routing engine which uses individual files instead of url patterns.
  • Primal.Database - A collection of database classes including a PDO singleton handler, an SQL Query builder and an Object Relationship Model engine.
  • Primal.Layout - A collection of classes for creating reusable page templates.
  • Primal.Visitor - A visitor authentication and session management library. Requires Primal.Database.
  • Primal.Boilerplate - Foundation code for using Primal as a full stack framework.