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Visitor authentication module for the Primal PHP Framework
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Primal Visitor

Created and Copyright 2011 by Jarvis Badgley, chiper at chipersoft dot com.

This repository contains the visitor authentication and session management classes for the Primal PHP Framework. Unlike other parts of the Primal collection, Primal Visitor is not usable as a standalone library and will only function when combined with the Primal Boilerplate and Primal Database.

Primal Visitor consists of three classes and two default actions:

Primary Classes


This is a global static class for interacting with active user in the page session. It provides a set of functions for handling user login and for retrieving the current user from the session. See the login action file for examples of how to work with this class.


This is the Primal Database Record object for managing entries in the users table. This is the model you will interact with to create, retrieve and update user accounts.


This is a data model for hashing user passwords under randomly generated encryption salt, and validating login passwords against existing hashes. See the setPassword and testPassword functions on the User object for examples of how to use this class outside of the Visitor system.

Default Actions

/login/ - /actions/login.php

Basic login page example.

/logout/ - /actions/logout.php

Clears the current user and redirects to the site index

/current/ - /actions/current.php

Example of how to fetch the current user.

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