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Shadron Example Extension

This extension serves as an introduction to the Shadron extension API. You may use this as a basis for your own extension or as a reference. See the full documentation to make sure you use the API correctly.

Build and installation


Use Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or later to build the project in release configuration, and run install-to-shadron.bat to copy the DLL to the appropriate location. Shadron searches for extensions in the extensions subdirectory within its own directory, and in %APPDATA%\Shadron\extensions.


Run make to build shadron-example.dylib and then run make install, which will copy it to ~/.config/Shadron/extensions where it will be detected by Shadron.


To use an extension in a script, it must first be enabled with the #extension directive:

#extension example

Now, you may generate an example image or an animation with this extension like so:

image ImageTest = example();
animation AnimationTest = example();

You can use the premade extension test script, which does this.