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June 2012 - 1.1.2 - Remove AdMob
1) Remove AdMob including related permissions to comply fully with the GPL
2) Updated license info to GPLv3
3) Added .gitignore file to no longer configure auto generated files
4) Added installLocation in manifest to allow moving to external storage
June 2012 - 1.1.1 - Bug fixes
1) Fix birds eye camera view (was defaulting to Normal when selected)
2) Fix back key to exit game (broken after last update)
June 2012 - 1.1 - User preferences added
Added user specified options:-
1) Bike Colour select from 6 colours
2) Toggle Music / SFX on/off
3) Toggle FPS counter
4) Change Camera mode
5) Select number of players between 2 and 6
6) Select Arena Size (Small, Medium, Large)
7) Select Game Speed (Slow, Normal, Fast, Extreme)
Note: Increasing the Arena size and adding players reduces performance.
Thanks to Noah from NVM Tech for inspiration and code contributions.
Feb 2012 - 1.0 - Initial version