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DFTileConverter is a python program that converts a Dwarf Fortress screenshot to a new tileset.
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An example image conversion, before and after being side by side.

Build Status

DFTileConverter is a python program that converts a Dwarf Fortress screenshot to a new tileset.

All tilesets in the DF Wiki tileset repo are supported, ignoring those requiring edited raws.


pip install -r requirements.txt

Note: The initial run will be slower then all subsequent runs.


  1. Pass in a unique tileset name to get_tileset from Here, a unique name refers to a unique string found in the tileset filename.
  2. Using the result from step 1, call convert_screenshot from
  3. Celebrate!

Here is an example snippet of code:

tileset = get_tileset("cheepicus_15x15.png")
input_filepath = "resources/screenshots/Image_Vidumec15x15a.png"
output_filepath = "resources/tmp/test.png"
convert_screenshot(input_filepath, output_filepath, tileset)

Common Issues

  1. The program has obtained tile id's, but is now stuck!
    • This is most likely because the screenshot's tileset is not supported. There are two options:
      1. Please add the tileset to the DF Wiki tileset repository, then re-run
      2. Manually add the tileset to resources/default_tileset_info.txt.

Project Layout

  • Convert
    • This file is aimed at the actual act of converting screenshots between different tilesets.
  • LoadTilesets
    • This file is aimed at loading tilesets and interacting with them. Precomputation takes place here.
  • Testing
    • This file is aimed at testing parts of the project to ensure stability.
  • TilesetScrapper
    • This file is aimed at scrapping tilesets from the DF wiki.


Want to contribute? That's very kind of you!

For documentation purposes, please start by making an issue describing the issue/change, with an example if possible.

Next, make a branch with code changes and submit it via a pull request. The pull request will be run under a few tests, a few of which can sometimes fail.

If everything's looking good, the pull request will be merged in.

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