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A Tribes 2 server with competative features that is also open-source.
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Tribes 2


A Tribes 2 server with competative features that is also open-source.

Discord: Tribes 2 Discord


  • Improved NoBaseRape asset handling
  • An independant team population counter
  • Team-balance notifys
  • NoBaseRape notifys
  • Team Autobalancing
  • Minimum Cloakpack Management
  • Minimum Turret Management
  • MortarTurret Management
  • Loading screen customization options
  • Vote Overtime
  • Vote in Progress chimes
  • Extended 3-2 minute timeleft warnings
  • Show Next Map player options
  • Simplified player options menu
  • Observer cooldown
  • Set the Next Mission options
  • Map Repetition Checker
  • Improved Map Rotation
  • PUG password Management
  • Improved LakRabbit experience
  • Extended LakRabbit debriefing
  • Improved LCTF experience
  • Improved Deathmatch experience
  • Pro Mode for LCTF
  • Shocklance Only Mode for Deathmatch
  • Full Stats System



  • Classic 1.5.2
  • Evolution Admin Mod Classic Version


  • Meant to be installed on top of Classic 1.5.2
  • If the file isnt on this github it is unmodified in Classic 1.5.2
  • Place github server files in Classic folder
  • Place github evo files in Evo admin mod .vl2
  • Place Evo .vl2 in Classic folder
  • Run once to create Serverprefs
  • Open Classic/Pref/Serverpref.cs and modify to your wishes
  • Run using Classic_dedicated_server.bat

Credits & Thanks

  • BattleLore for this template and help
  • The T2 community for the free testing
  • Radiant Keen and DarkTiger
  • The TribesNext community
  • Some very specific people for all their harsh criticism
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