@Chocobozzz Chocobozzz released this Dec 4, 2018 · 42 commits to develop since this release

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Since v1.0.1



  • Use DB information from config/production.yaml in upgrade script (@ldidry)
  • Add REPL script (@McFlat)


  • Add search and import settings env settings env variables (@kaiyou)
  • Add docker dev image (@am97)
  • Improve docker compose template (@Nutomic)
    • Add postfix image
    • Redirect HTTP -> HTTPS
    • Disable Træfik web UI
  • Add ability to set an array in PEERTUBE_TRUST_PROXY (LecygneNoir)


  • Automatically resume videos if the user is logged in
  • Hide automatically the menu when the window is resized (@BO41)
  • Remove confirm modal for JavaScript/CSS injection (@scanlime)
  • Set bitrate limits for transcoding (@Nutomic)
  • Add moderation tools in the account page
  • Add bulk actions in users table (Delete/Ban for now)
  • Add search filter in admin users table
  • Add search filter in admin following
  • Add search filter in admin followers
  • Add ability to list all local videos
  • Add ability for users to mute an account or an instance
  • Add ability for administrators to mute an account or an instance
  • Rename "News" category to "News & Politics" (@daker)
  • Add explicit error message when changing video ownership (@lucas-dclrcq)
  • Improve description of the HTTP video import feature (@rigelk)
  • Set shorter keyframe interval for transcoding (2 seconds) (@Nutomic)
  • Add ability to disable webtorrent (as a user) (@rigelk)
  • Make abuse-delete clearer (@barbeque)
  • Adding minimum signup age conforming to ceiling GPDR age (@rigelk)
  • Feature/description support fields length 1000 (@McFlat)
  • Add background effect to activated menu entry
  • Improve video upload error handling
  • Improve message visibility on signup
  • Auto login user on signup if email verification is disabled
  • Speed up PeerTube startup (in particular the first one)
  • Delete invalid or deleted remote videos
  • Add ability to admin to set email as verified (@joshmorel)
  • Add separators in user moderation dropdown

Bug fixes

  • AP mimeType -> mediaType
  • PeerTube is not in beta anymore
  • PeerTube is not in alpha anymore :p
  • Fix optimize old videos script
  • Check follow constraints when getting a video
  • Fix application-config initialization in CLI tools (Yetangitu)
  • Fix video pixel format compatibility (using yuv420p) (@rigelk)
  • Fix video state AP context (tcitworld)
  • Fix Linked Signature compatibility
  • Fix AP collections pagination
  • Fix too big thumbnails (when using URL import)
  • Do not host remote AP objects: use redirection instead
  • Fix video miniature with a long name
  • Fix video views inconsistencies inside the federation
  • Fix video embed in Wordpress Gutenberg
  • Fix video channel videos url when scrolling
  • Fix player progress bar/seeking when changing resolution
  • Fix search tab title with no search
  • Fix YouTube video import with some videos

Since v1.1.0-rc.1

Bug fixes

  • Fix AP infinite redirection
  • Fix trending page