@Chocobozzz Chocobozzz released this Oct 19, 2018 · 140 commits to develop since this release

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  • Add HTTP Signature in addition to Linked Signature:
    • It's faster
    • Will allow us to use RSA Signature 2018 in the future without too much incompatibilities in the peertube federation


  • Set shorter keyframe interval for transcoding (2 seconds) (@Nutomic)
  • Add ability to disable webtorrent (as a user) (@rigelk)
  • Make abuse-delete clearer (@barbeque)
  • Adding minimum signup age conforming to ceiling GPDR age (@rigelk)
  • Feature/description support fields length 1000 (@McFlat)

Bug fixes

  • Scale bitrate linearly with FPS (@Nutomic)
  • AP mimeType -> mediaType
  • PeerTube is not in beta anymore
  • PeerTube is not in alpha anymore :p
  • Fix optimize old videos script