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@Chocobozzz Chocobozzz released this Jun 3, 2019 · 121 commits to develop since this release

Since v1.2.0


  • nginx Remove text/html from gzip_types: 7eeb6a0 @bnjbvr
  • Add streaming_playlists directory in configuration file. You should configure it in your production.yaml
  • CSP configuration changed: it's now in a dedicated section




  • Add video playlist support
    • A user has a default Watch-later playlist
    • A user can create private, unlisted or public playlists
    • An element in this playlist can start or stop at specific timestamps (you can create some kind of zapping for example)
    • The difference with a channel is that you cannot subscribe to a playlist, but you can add videos from any other user in your playlist.
      It's useful to organize your videos, or create a playlist of videos you like and share the link on the web etc
  • Add quarantine videos (auto blacklist videos on upload) feature 🎉 (@joshmorel)
  • Add Japanese & Nederlands & Português (Portugal) support
  • Add experimental HLS support
    • Better playback
    • Better bandwidth management (for both client & server)
    • Needs to store another video file per resolution, so enabling this option multiplies the videos storage by 2 (only new uploaded videos, this is not retroactive)
    • Requires ffmpeg >= 4
  • Better instance's followers management:
    • Add ability to remove an instance's follower
    • Add ability to forbid all new instance's followers
    • Add ability to manually approve new instance's followers
    • Add notification on new instance's follower
  • Improve UI:
    • Increase player default height
    • Reduce big play button border width
    • Increase thumbnail sizes
    • Add hover effect on video miniature
    • Add "my library" section in menu
    • Add missing icons in some buttons/dropdown
    • 2 rows per overview section
    • Increase video thumbnail blur (@Zig-03)
    • Improve video miniatures list on mobile
    • Add animation when opening user notifications
  • Add ability for admins to disable the tracker (and so the P2P aspect of PeerTube, in order to improve users privacy for example)
  • Add original publication date attribute to videos, and add ability to filter on it (Andrés Maldonado)
  • Add video miniature dropdown
  • Add ability for admins to declare their instance as dedicated to NSFW content
  • Improve SEO (there is still work to be done)
  • Login is now case insensitive (if using official web client)
  • Add NSFW policy & users signup policy & auto blacklist strategy in features table in about page
  • Improve comment deletion warning
  • Restore videos list component on history back
  • Add ability to consult server logs in admin
  • Allow administrators to change/reset a user's password (@rigelk)
  • Add a debug page to help admins to fix IP configuration issues
  • Add ability for admins to limit users videos history size
  • Add ability for admins to delete old remote videos views (reduce database size)
  • Optimize video update page load
  • Less refresh jobs
  • Cleanup invalid AP rates/comments/shares
  • Better videos redundancy config error handling
  • Check emails are enabled if the admin requires email verification (@joshmorel)
  • Add Add /accounts/:username/ratings endpoint (@yohanboniface)
  • Allow to control API rates limit from configuration (@yohanboniface)

Bug fixes

  • Don't notify prior to scheduled update (@joshmorel)
  • Fix account description database error
  • Fix Pleroma follow
  • Fix greek label
  • Fix email notification for some users
  • Fix translation of "Copy magnet URI"
  • Fix negative seconds by displaying 0 instead @zacharystenger
  • Fix URL in video import notification
  • Don't close help popover when clicking on it
  • Fix tmp directory cleanup
  • Fix custom CSS help
  • Fix JSONLD context
  • Fix privacy label display in upload form
  • Fix my account settings responsiveness
  • Fix keyboard icon transparency (@gbip)
  • Fix contact admin button overflow
  • Wait config to be loaded before loading login/signup
  • Privacy is optional in upload API endpoint
  • Fix hotkeys help popup overflow

Since v1.3.0-rc.2

Bug fixes

  • Fix duplicates in playlist add component
  • Fix crash in files cache
  • Fix playlist view/update 403
  • Fix search with bad webfinger handles
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