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@Chocobozzz Chocobozzz released this
· 5338 commits to develop since this release
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Since v1.3.1


  • Important Add plugins directory in configuration file. You should configure it in your production.yaml
  • Important: Deprecate NodeJS 8 (support ends on December 2019). Please upgrade to NodeJS 10.
  • Important: Updated nginx template (you need to update manually)
    • Fix long server responses on dual stack servers: fd2ddca
    • Improve images HTTP cache: c928e13
  • Important: With the new theme system, we removed the dark mode button. Your administrator has to install the dark theme
    from their admin panel, and then users can choose this theme in their settings
  • Changed the playlist REST API to fix various issues. See #1998 for more information
  • Removed magnet URI support in download modal since most of the BitTorrent clients do not understand the xs parameter
  • Renamed Overview page to Discover


  • Moderators can only create and update regular users (thanks GGC-Project)


  • Create a dedicated package.json for CLI tools to reduce server dependencies size
  • Add ability to set root password by environment at first start (@darnuria)
  • Removed unused uuid actor field (we already have a unique identifier that is the preferredUsername)
  • Add ability to disable PeerTube log rotation (@NassimBounouas)
  • Speedup font display (@BO41)
  • Improve static files HTTP cache
  • Add --since and --until parameters to import videos script to easily sync external channels (@fflorent)
  • Optimize /watch/:uuid endpoint
  • Optimize Sequelize (SQL ORM) queries generation (consumes less CPU)
  • Prune script is faster and can prune avatar files


  • 🎉 Support Finnish, Greek and Scottish Gaelic languages
  • 🎉 Add basic plugins and themes support (beta):
    • Install plugins or themes from the administration panel
    • Choose a default theme for your instance
    • Users can choose the theme they want among the list of themes their administrator installed
  • 🎉 Add ability to upload audio files: PeerTube will merge the audio file and the thumbnail to create a video
  • Multi step registration:
    • Add ability for new users to create their default channel
    • Guess the account username/channel username according to their display name
    • Add explanations about what the purpose of a username/channel name is, and what a channel is
  • Improve account video channels page:
    • Set it as the default page for the account page in order to avoid confusion between the account homepage and the video channel homepage
    • Display channels in rows with some of their videos
  • Support more URL parameters in embeds: muted, loop, peertubeLink
  • Redesign share modal and add customizations:
    • Start/stop at a specific timestamp
    • Automatically play/mute/loop the video
    • Set a specific subtitle by default
  • Group subscriptions and recently added videos in chronological order
  • Add ability for users to change their email address
  • Add ability to update the support field of all channel videos when we update the channel support field
  • Add a language filter in user preferences to display only videos in specific languages
  • Add instance follows list in a dedicated tab in the "About" page
  • Add ability to set to private a public/unlisted video or video playlist
  • Transcode in the tmp directory for s3fs compatibility (@libertysoft3)
  • Add a button to copy account username (@NassimBounouas)
  • Redirect to "Local videos" page when going to the peertube account page
  • Rearrange search filter options (@realityfabric)
  • Close modal after clicking on download (@LeoMouyna)
  • Add ability for admins to customize emails object prefix and body signature (@yohanboniface)
  • Support 4K transcoding
  • Add link of the follower profile in administration (@NassimBounouas)
  • Add subject field in contact form (@NassimBounouas)
  • Add rate limit to registration and API endpoints
  • Add "video quota used" sortable column in user admin list (@darnuria)
  • Automatically update the playlist thumbnail according to the video at the first position (if the user did not set a specific thumbnail)
  • Automatically remove dead followings
  • Federate comment deletion if the comment was deleted by the video owner

Bug fixes

  • Fix transcoding information in features table (LiPek)
  • Fix tools auth with remote instances
  • Fix various issues in upload/import scripts
  • Fix redundancy exceeded quota
  • Fix login with email (@NassimBounouas)
  • Fix quota display in features table
  • Fix transcoding help placement
  • Fix invisible videos in playlists
  • Fix HLS transcoding in lower resolutions
  • Fix various federation issues
  • Fix mute badge labels
  • Fix broken follow notification when the actor is deleted
  • Fix overflow and playlist block width in the watch page
  • Fix search results overflow on mobile
  • Fix infinite scroll on big screens
  • Fix start time on some HLS videos
  • Fix socket notification with multiple user tabs
  • Fix redundancy if the instance has already the file on disk
  • Fix image and plugin CSP
  • Fix video rows overflow
  • Dismiss modals on pop state
  • Go back when cancel NSFW modal

Since v1.4.0-rc.1


  • Add Finnish language support

Bug fixes

  • Fix broken front end on Firefox ESR (60)
  • Fix prune storage script when using a same directory for multiple storage keys
  • Relax plugin package.json validation
  • Replace "overview" by "discover" in client titles
  • Change configuration: email.object becomes email.subject
  • Fix user creation by moderators
  • Fix video playlist element removal
  • Fix plugin card background color with dark theme
  • Fix lazy static route with unknown avatars (404 instead of 500)
  • Fix socket notification with multiple user tabs
  • Fix redundancy if the instance has already the file on disk
  • Fix image and plugin CSP
  • Fix video rows overflow
  • Dismiss modals on pop state
  • Go back when cancel NSFW modal