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@Chocobozzz Chocobozzz released this Oct 29, 2019 · 81 commits to develop since this release


  • Removed old JSON LD signature implementation. There will be some federation incompatibilities with forwarded activities sent
    by PeerTube instances < v2.0.0
  • Replaced configuration key email.object with email.subject: 916937d

Plugins/Themes API

  • Add plugin hook on registration filter:api.user.signup.allowed.result


  • Fix traefik version docker compose (you need to update your docker-compose.yml file: f1b3888)


  • Add --tmpdir, --first, --last and --verbose [level] parameters to peertube-import-videos script (Yetangitu)
  • Improve REST API documentation (@frankstrater)
  • Improve plugin management documentation


  • Better instance admin responsibility:
    • Add ability to set more information about your instance. This will be used in the future on to help people find
      the appropriate PeerTube instance on which they can register:
      • Main Categories
      • Languages you/your moderators speak
      • Code of Conduct
      • Moderation information (who moderates your instance, NSFW policy etc)
      • Who is behind the instance (a single person? non-profit?)
      • Why did the admin create this instance
      • How long the admin plan to maintain the instance
      • How the administrator will finance the PeerTube server
      • Hardware information
    • Add these information in the about page and in the signup page
    • Add a welcome modal at first admin login with some explanations of PeerTube and some useful links
    • Add warning modal when administrators enable or enabled signup but did not fill some important instance information
      (for now the instance name, terms, administrator and maintenance lifetime information)
  • Add ability to automatically follow back other instances
  • Add ability to automatically follow the public registry instances
  • Add Most liked videos page (@alcalyn)
  • Add a drag&drop delay on playlist videos to allow user scroll on small screens (@alcalyn)
  • Allow to toggle video publication date to display absolute date (@alcalyn)
  • Add statistics in about page (@alcalyn)
  • Improve the feature table in about page
  • Add contributors in about page
  • Clearer warning of IP address leaking on embedded videos (@robinkooli)
  • Case insensitive search on video tags
  • Add video name in "video publish notification"
  • Add ability to autoplay next recommended video (opt in) (@LoveIsGrief)
  • Add link behind the subscribe via RSS button (@frankstrater)
  • Support text/plain caption files
  • Speedup theme injection

Bug fixes

  • Fix audio upload
  • Handle video reports from mastodon
  • Fix videos redundancy exceeding the limit
  • Fix search when user defined video languages in their preferences
  • Don't quick transcode with the wrong pixel format
  • Hide videos abuses of muted accounts
  • Fix account avatar widths
  • Fix default commentsEnabled and downloadEnabled values on video upload/import (@frankstrater)
  • Disable auto complete of email field when editing another user information in admin panel (@Knackie)
  • Fix federation issues with some actors (that have long descriptions, or missing optional AP fields)
  • Remove down redundancy endpoints in HLS player
  • Fix user notifications with multiple opened tabs
  • Replace "overview" by "discover" in webpage titles
  • Clearer IP debug message in admin panel
  • Fix checkbox styles when using a theme
  • Don't redirect on verify account page after login
  • Fix player captions menu after choosing a subtitle
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