Git-tastic beat factory: A rhythm game (Webkit only for now)
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Git-tastic Beat Factory

A funky rhythm game (currently Webkit only)

###Background GitHub users fork, push, pull, and clone everyday, but who makes sure those requests reach their correct destination? On the back end of GitHub, Git-bot sorts those actions to the beat of his favorite tunes under the supervision of Url the unicorn. Watch as Git-bot's actions correspond to the fork, push, pull, and clone requests he is sorting!

###How to Play Help Git-bot process requests in time to his music! Press the F, G, H, and J keys on your keyboard as the fork, push, pull, and clone symbols travel through the factory and down the conveyer belt. Sort all the actions correctly, or Url the unicorn will take Git-bot’s music away. The better your timing, the higher your score will be!


Written in JavaScript with backbone.js and underscore.js

####Song Credits:

'8 Bit Detective' by Bass Assassin Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial

'The Voyage' by Rushjet1 Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike'

'Night Rave' by Jason Shaw Creative Commons Attribution

'Tech Talk' by Jason Shaw Creative Commons Attribution

'Trick and/or Treat (the candy raid is on!)' by Nordloef Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial

Menu Song: 'Micro Invasion - Go Gadget - Password' by Go Gadget Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

####Art Credits

All sprite sheets and logos by Stephanie Owens Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial

Font used is 'Galindo' provided by Google Web Fonts