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Week 8 - Penetration Testing Challenge Guide.pdf
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RITSEC is Rochester Institute of Technology(RIT)'s Cybersecurity student club.

Every week, RITSEC members learn about a sub topic of cybersecurity. Topics include: Networking, Cloud, Web, Cryptography, Penetration Testing, Attack Life Cycle, Reverse Engineering, Scripting, Linux/Windows blue teaming.

Tech Lead and Jr. Tech Lead (me) make 4~5 challenges(binary/virtual machine) every week for the students to solve. This provides students an experience to learn hands-on by solving these challenges.

For an example, Week 8 - Penetration Testing

For Week 8, we learned about penetration testing. Tech Lead and I thought it would be nice to create a intentionally vulnerable Virtual Machine to perform a mock-penetration testing on. We also provided a report template for students to actually write a report and send it to us.

And Many more...

RITSEC does not publicly post our challenges on the internet, as it hinders future Tech Lead and Jr. Tech Lead. Also, some members might google their answer, which is something we are not looking for.

We do have a dedicated google drive, but it's private for above reasons.

If a recruiter/interviewer/anyone wants to see more of these (challenges + write up), please contact me.

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