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My personal website, hosted there: Development version is there:

It's a simple playground as I wanted to re-code something I've done for Nintendo ERD a few years ago, in a bigger project: an input/output console, similar to Chrome's devtools', but for LUA code executed remotely.

Unlike in my other project, This one is purely local. Its aim is mainly to display a few personal links, and show that I can code some kind of POC quickly in vanilla JS.

Until stated otherwise, it'll be a work in progress, as there are still many things I want to change/add:

  • style
  • refactor into separate files (css, js)
  • refactor JS into modules
  • automatic execution of methods (to display links)
  • command history
  • better input/output handling (eg html code)
  • create a scope for the console's code execution (variables aren't stored as expected)
  • why not turn this into a real project, such as a language agnostic console?