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uniquely stylized phone app with customizable features

An update, I'm currently working on a massive code redesign from scratch, will probably take some time, but will be better

Koler is a uniquely stylized phone app for Android, designed with the user in mind. Believe us we want to make it good, as we use it ourselves.


Due to lack of support, unfortunately, it's difficult for us to keep supporting the project If you like the app and want us to fix and improve it, please consider giving us a boost

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We are aware the app needs more support and updates, due to feature requests and minor bugs We are currently not fully available for supporting the app due to a lack of support (The app is free to use) We'll do our best to slowly push updates and add the requested feature If you want to help us and support us so we can put more attention to the app, please consider supporting us (Bottom of the page) Feel free to contact us for every little thing

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