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A simple style Hexo theme based on Hexo 3.8.0 基于Hexo 3.8.0的简约风格主题
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A simple and blue style theme based on Hexo 3.8.0. Demo


1.Using Stylus as css preprocessor and ejs as template engine

2.Support zh-CN and en by default


Install the theme

  1. Clone this theme into the themes folder under your blog project directory.
cd themes
git clone`
  1. Modify the site _config.yml,it should look like this:
themes: hexo-theme-PureBlue

Update Version

cd themes/hexo-theme-PureBlue
git pull`

Install the plugins

Make sure you have disable the self-contained highlight in the site _config.yml. And then install the hexo-prism-plugin.Check the link for more details.

More configuration

  • You can set the language by editing the site _config.yml file: language: zh-CN

  • You can also configure the menu,the color scheme and the valine comment by editing the theme _config.yml file .


  • Add the category page
  • Support TOC
  • Support fancybox
  • Support the third-party comment plugin
  • Support the third-party share plugin
  • Support website statistics
  • Completely using vanilla JavaScript instead of jQuery
  • Support responsive design
  • Mobile adaptation
  • Support styling the codequote highlight

Change Log


  • Rewirte the paginator and optimize the code
  • Add some icons with font-awesome
  • Highlight the title in the TOC


  • Refer all js files in one ejs file
  • Change the style of scrollbar
  • Display total counts of categories,tags and posts
  • Fix the bug that the tags will twinkle once touched


  • Add support for fancybox


  • Fix the bug that the category page can't display
  • Improve the navbar


  • Change css for a more flat style.


  • Give a star if you like , fork or just clone to use , and also you can help me fix bugs and add new feature :)
  • If you have any problem or requirement , just open an issue here and i will help you.
  • Will not support IE6, 7, 8.


MIT License

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