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Chorus allows customers, partners, developers, and data scientists to collaboratively realize the potential of Big Data.
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app updating two join dialogs with current dialog structure
chorus_appliance Fixed vagrant hadoop ssh env script to use symbolic link to the ever-…
chorushdfs @ 1897cf1 DEV-8543 #comment
config DEV-6145 DEV-8581 Tableau 8.3 update with site and project name custo…
db DEV-6145 DEV-8581 Tableau 8.3 update with site and project name custo…
doc Approving premailer gem
lib Changed database connection timeout from 0 to 1. timeout of 0 is inte…
log More foreman and db instructions.
ops Use jshint binary instead of gem
packaging [Fixes #85027466]
performance [#29859609] lower the ramp up on users in load test
public DEV-8690 revise the edit project status dialog submit button text
script rbenv uses the .ruby-version file now, not older .rbenv-version. upda…
solr/conf [#50014437] Fix search forever
spec revise properties string name for 'select a file' button in uploading
system Don't stub in legacy migration tests - provide some empty f…
vendor [Fixes #85027466]
wiki-assets Checking in the 2.2 installation guide
.ctags Add ctags config file which excludes the hadoop directory
.development uses correct RAILS_ENV in dev
.gitignore [#72985496] Adds generic uploads model/controller
.gitmodules switch submodule url to public reference
.jshintignore Use Jasmine 2.0 to run Javascript tests
.rbenv-vars [finish #42105647] Add jenkins path to rbenv-vars for hadoop libraries
.rspec Add fuubar again
.rspec-ci Trying another tactic for rspec --format d on CI
Capfile capistrano file
Gemfile DEV-6145 DEV-8581 Tableau 8.3 update with site and project name custo…
Gemfile-packaging [#73009894] Remove hpricot dependency for jruby update
Gemfile-packaging.lock Update to packaging gemfile.lock for tableau 8.3 gem
Gemfile.lock update YUI compressor to last available version
LICENSE [#40676981] Update license files
NOTICE [#40676981] Update license files
Procfile Add integration solr to procfile
Procfile.rhel5 Modified phantomjs jasmine to instead use console.log/error, created … Wiki link to troubleshooting and env
Rakefile don't load ci_reporter tasks by default in Rakefile initial commit [#47548983] Don't require $CHORUS_HOME to be set to install ruby.
version.rb update version to 6.0 for master branch

This ReadMe mirrors our Github Wiki page, which houses information for developers contributing to the OpenChorus project.

Browse to the Wiki pages list to review what's available here.Key pages include:

  1. Contributing to Chorus
  2. Architecture Overview
  3. Javascript Architecture
  4. Building a Package for Deployment
  5. Getting started with Chorus development
  6. New-Class-Walkthrough
  7. How to run Chorus tests
  8. Test Writing Guidelines
  9. Code Style Guidelines
  10. Troubleshooting and Environment Notes

Have a question? Reach us via the development mailing list.

If you are interested in accessing the latest commercially released version of Chorus, please email Alpine Data Labs.

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