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Welcome to the OpenChorus Project Wiki. This wiki houses information for developers contributing to the OpenChorus project. End-user Chorus product documentation is available here and you can learn more about the OpenChorus project on the Pivotal Open Source Software page.

Browse to the Wiki pages list to review what's available here. Key pages include:

  1. Contributing to Chorus
  2. Architecture Overview
  3. Javascript Architecture
  4. Building a Package for Deployment
  5. Getting started with Chorus development
  6. New-Class-Walkthrough
  7. Adding an Event Type
  8. How to run Chorus tests
  9. Test Writing Guidelines
  10. Code Style Guidelines
  11. Troubleshooting and Environment Notes

Have a question? Email us at the development mailing list.

If you are interested in accessing the latest commercially released version of Chorus, please email Alpine Data Labs.